What is a “Custom” tattoo?

Lately it has become common practice for every trendy new tattoo shop to include the word “Custom” in their trade name/and or logo. Quite often, I am taken back by the “Custom” logo that they have, which is almost always a horrible photo-shopped image with a generic font that resembles circus lettering, with some other celtic font thrown in there too. When I see these “Custom” signs outside of these “Custom” tattoo shops, I cannot help but feel as though the word “Custom” is being used incorrectly! If you claim to be a “Custom” tattoo shop, what exactly does that mean? Apparently, it has NO meaning in a LOT of places!

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Not much is worse than a thief

ImageMy name is Joe Hegarty and I am a tattoo artist here in beautiful Roanoke,Virginia,where I have been tattooing for 23 years. The other night, on the weekend the time was changing, someone broke into my tattoo studio, 9 Tattoo, on Orange Ave. They threw a brick through the back window and came and took all of my tattoo gear, and Sean Adams as well, right down to the spray bottles, inks, power supplies, needles, anything tattoo related.They didn’t steal my guitar,camera,computer, or stereo. Just hit our tattoo equipment. They emptied a gallon of water all over the place and ruined the new floors we worked so hard on putting down, and tore up a spot in the gallery with the brick.  The alarm went off but they were quick enough to get away.

Some of the tattoo machines that were stolen are one of a kind. Two of them were made for me personally by Mike Fitts. One is a “Zappamatic” and the other a “Houses of the Holy”.

 This photo shows a few of the machines, but there were a lot more.


I am offering a reward of $999.99 for information leading to the arrest/conviction of the person/persons that did this to us. If you know something, please give me a call at (540)-9-Tattoo , (540)-982-8866

Thankfully, we did have some extra power units and machines and gear at our sister shop, Alex’s Tattoo so we didn’t get completely screwed.

They can steal our stuff, but they can’t rob us of our talent!

We are still the best tattoo shops in town!



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(All tattoos by Joe Hegarty/9 Tattoo Roanoke,Virginia)

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